The Boettger with an integrated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber strap is now a lighter yet no less impressive piece of dive timing instrumentation. Limited to just 500 pieces, this updated timepiece is sleek, slim yet powerfully equipped to handle the rigours of the sea, the Boettger continues to elevate the concept of a dive watch with a timepiece complete with engineering excellence and design ingenuity.


Famed for its under index display, the Boettger's hour, minute and seconds hands drift under the hour markers for a unique take on the traditional dive watch design.


The Boettger timepiece from Spinnaker boasts an avant-garde design that ingeniously re-imagines the dive watch. The timepiece is a unique tribute to Bernd Boettger, an engineer living in East Germany during the Cold War whose remarkable story of ingenuity, bravery and determina­tion is what inspired this timepiece.

Bernd Boettger is credited as the inventor of the Aqua Scooter.

Like many of his generation, Boettger sought to escape and break past the borders to freedom in the West.

Looking at the at cold waters of the Baltic, Boettger believed a seaborne escape would be his best chance of making it out of East Germany.

His first attempt at making a swim of it failed as he was caught by border guards. He was luckily let off lightly owing to his skills as an engineer.

Determined, Boettger set about using his engineering skills to devise an underwater tug that would tow him further out to sea with the aim of reaching Scandinavia.


Using only what was available around him, Boettger fashioned a tiny one and a half horsepower gasoline engine from a bicycle with a snorkel delivering air to the machine. The exhaust ran into a container, which helped act as a float.

He did not have any breathing apparatus but managed to find a wet suit. He made a snorkel for himself - and incredibly using this untested, home made contraption, set off on 8th September 1968, under the cover of darkness.

Boettger succeeded making it to Denmark on a journey that had taken him 15.5 miles. There was no test run. This prototype had to succeed and it did.

Driven by this desire and drive, Boettger challenged both his mind and body along with a once only chance to make this escape happen.

Boettger patented his design and updated versions of the Aqua Scooter continue to be in production today.