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Q&A with Team BrewsterTidey (Ireland Woman's 49'er team)

Q&A with Team BrewsterTidey (Ireland Woman's 49'er team)

Earlier this year we had the chance to meet Andrea and Saskia in Barcelona during the 49'er European Championships. Now a few months down the line from our first meet, we are proud to have them wear Spinnakers on and off the water.
For how long have each of you been sailing for?
Andrea: 23 years

Saskia: 10 years

When did you start racing together as a team?

Our first event together was the 49erFX World Championships in 2013.

As the Brewster/Tidey team, what have been your greatest accomplishments?
Our greatest accomplishments have been qualifying Ireland for the 2016 Olympics and surviving many road trip incidents including running out of fuel on the French motorway!

How much work goes into sailing "off season" compared to "on season”?
When the racing season finishes we just continue to train… we don’t really have an off season! 

Do you have a dietary shift during from off to on season?
Excluding Christmas…no, not really! We do everything we can to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to achieve the best we can from our bodies.

What sports or training routines do you perform on land that help you excel on the water? 
We both have cardio and strength and conditioning programmes which are set for us by our fitness coach. We cycle, run, row, weight train and we also do footwork drills to improve our speed and agility.

What have been some of the most challenging times/competitions for you two as a team?
The World Championships in 2015 was a tough event for us as we got disqualified from a race on the last day which pushed us down the results and outside of the Olympic qualification placings. 
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