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Q&A with Professional Wind Surfer Maxime Van Gent

Q&A with Professional Wind Surfer Maxime Van Gent

How did you get involved in the sport of windsurfing?

I looking for a sport to do .... Well Bonaire is Windsurfing paradise and some off my friends wear doing windsurfing , soo after I tried a couple off times i got hooked with the sport

How long have you been windsurfing for?

Almost 8 years now

How many hours of training go into your sport every week, and does this training differ in style between seasons?

It depends on the wind for freestyle windsurfing you need to have at least 18 knops off wind , but if its wind I'm always at the beach

Where is your favorite location to windsurf?

My home spot ! Bonaire , there is nothing better than being with your friends and windsurfing

Which Spinnaker model is your favorite and why ?

The  Nantucket because its very Classic and girly and its not to big so it wont sit in the way while you are windsurfing .

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