As February ushers in the promise of spring, Spinnaker is delighted to unveil its latest additions to the bestselling Hull Chronograph collection – a vibrant line of timepieces which embrace the season's spirit with a spectrum of captivating colors.

A Burst of Springtime Colours

At the heart of this collection is a celebration of colors that evoke the freshness and vitality of spring. Each watch is a canvas of vibrant hues, inviting wearers to embrace the changing season with style and panache.

Precision in Every Detail

Beneath the colorful exterior, these timepieces boast precision and functionality. The Japanese Meca-Quartz Chronograph movement ensures accurate timekeeping, while the stainless-steel case exudes durability. The anti-reflective mineral lens enhances clarity, and the Swiss Super-LumiNova illuminates the dials, making these watches as reliable as they are stylish.

Elegance Meets Comfort

Complementing the bold colors is the choice of genuine leather straps, ensuring comfort while making a fashion statement. The Hull Chronograph watches are designed for those who appreciate the perfect blend of style and substance.

"It's a watch which really impresses, at a price point which genuinely defies belief...The fit and finish is simply sublime – flawless, in fact – and the movement is just perfect."