Expect the Unexpected

No watch quite like it. Sold out twice already and we are coming back again with limited quantities for you. Get your hands now on the famed Piccard.

The Piccard is Featured In

To the Depths

Echoing the spirit of extreme nautical engineering during the golden era of dive watch exploration, the Piccard is a magnificent, unmissable timepiece.

Extreme Engineering

The Piccard is inspired by the most extreme of underwater discovery pioneered in the 1950s and 1960s. In the same way, we have taken a very unique look at crafting what remains a solidly robust piece of nautically sound timekeeping for the most challenging conditions.

From a massively bulbous scratch-resistant sapphire lens to the finely crafted ergonomically sound workmanship of the case, the Piccard is an awesome - very special timepiece.

Discovered, Desired

We unleashed the Piccard as a statement of our desire to produce daring, bold yet well-built dive watches for the professional or the enthusiast. Daring, bold, and not for the faint of heart - the Piccard is a captivating timepiece for any collection.

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