Spinnaker expands its Spence 300 Automatic collection with six captivating new variants, each embodying exceptional craftsmanship and enduring performance.

Uncompromising Style 

The Spence 300 Automatic showcases meticulous design and hand-assembled workmanship, boasting a slim profile of under 11mm and water resistance of over 300 meters. Crafted with care, each timepiece exudes sophistication and stealthy resilience.

Visibility in Every Condition 

With multiple applications of luminous material, the Spence 300 ensures effortless readability in low visibility conditions. Clear-cut indexes and a distinctive "broad arrow" hand illuminate the dial with precision, ensuring accurate timekeeping in any condition.

Elevated Presentation

Packaged in a unique custom-designed EVA multi-purpose gift box, each timepiece is presented with the utmost care and attention to detail. From the moment it is unboxed, the Spence 300 promises an unparalleled experience of luxury.